The Prestigious Family’s Young Miss and The Farmer – Chapter 45 Part 1

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Chapter 45: Second Step: Earn money Part 1

Even after closing the door and coming into the room, Lin Qingwan’s anger didn’t dissipate. 

With a pout, she went and sat at the edge of the kang. 

Holding her hand, Yang Tiezhu coaxed her, “Wife, don’t be angry, ah. Getting angry over someone like eldest sao is not worth it.”

嫂 (sǎo): older brother’s wife / sister-in-law

Lin Qingwan suddenly became furious and glared at him, “Why is each and everyone in your family this outrageous? Can’t they bear seeing the poor eat even a bit of meat? When you were bedridden in the medical center, no one came to ask about your life or death. Now that after the great ordeal you have come back, I gave you a bit of soup to nourish you. Still they are people harboring thoughts over it.”

Yang Tiezhu gave a bitter smile.

“On what basis do I have to give her food? Haven’t ever seen her helping me in anything. When I needed help anytime, she didn’t come. But when it came to meat, she quickly rushed here to ask, truly annoying.”

Yang Tiezhu quickly coaxed her, “Yes, yes, we won’t give her anything, let her drool.”

Lin Qingwan was at once amused by his words, and in a blink of an eye, threw all the unpleasant matters caused by Wang-shi beyond the topmost clouds.

九霄云外 (jiǔxiāoyúnwài): beyond the topmost clouds (idiom) / unimaginably far away

“Alright, you lie down for a while. I will go and have a bath. After coming from the town, I feel dusty all over, extremely uncomfortable.”


After taking a shower and getting dressed, Lin Qingwan sat under the lamp with her hair draped over her shoulders, ready to resume her needlework.

She then started embroidering on the embroidering purses she received this morning at Jinxiufang, while simultaneously thinking about the embroidery ruler and other stuff she had bought this morning. 

Just as what Shopkeeper Su guessed, she had indeed bought those, intending to make some large-sized embroidery article. But she hadn’t decided what to do yet. 

Actually, Lin Qngwan had a bit of a rough idea in her heart about what to do embroider, but she hadn’t made her mind yet. 

During this while, every time she received work from Jinxiufang, Lin Qingwan had recalled a lot of good skills from the original host’s memories. 

The former host, Lin Qingwan, was not only quite skilled at embroidery, but she had also learned a skilled that was not passed outside the certain households­ – ‘Double-sided Embroidery’ from a highly skilled Suzhou Embroidery master.  

Generally, these kinds of skills are not divulged to outsiders and are quite seldomly taught to others. But, Liu-shi spent a lot of silver hiring this highly skilled embroidery master to teach double-sided embroidery. She wanted Lin Qinglan to learn this skill so that her value could be increased when matchmaking in the future. However, who would have imagined that Lin Qinglan was so so restless that she couldn’t sit long and didn’t learn anything. While, Lin Qingwan on the other hand, who was only accompanying her, was able to learn eighty to ninety percent of it. 

(If you have forgotten who Lin Qinglan is, refer to chapter 1. She is her di sister and was the one who had Lin Qingwan sent to the mountains far away to lead a peasant life.)

No one was aware of this matter. Only the master who taught her knew about this. 

However, this Embroidery master was quite reticent and had never mentioned this before Liu-shi and Lin Qinglan. As such, Liu-shi was completely unaware that the master she had spent a great amount of silver wasn’t any use to her daughter. On the contrary, it was Lin Qingwan who profited. And as the former owner, Lin Qingwan, was inherently little transparent at home, neither fond of speaking nor showing off. As such, she, too, didn’t speak about it anywhere. 

Then Liu-shu saw that she was unable to make her daughter learn. Thus, she had no choice but to dismiss the embroidery master and find another way. Thereby, this matter sunk deep into the long river of history.  

Only Lin Qingwan’s older brother, Lin Qingting, had an inkling of it. Because Lin Qingwan had used double-sided embroidery to embroider a belt for him. Lin Qingting deeply cherished it as if it was a treasure and would wear it every day. As only one side of the belt was exposed outside, others weren’t aware that it was actually double-sided.

Lin Qingwan was planning of embroidering a kang screen using double-sided embroidery. Although she wasn’t clear how much a double-side embroidered kang screen would be worth. But just from looking at Liu-shi’s anxiousness and desire to have Lin Qinglan learn this, she could decipher that its worth would be significantly higher.

Outside it was extremely calm. While she was embroidering the purse and contemplating the issue simultaneously, one hour had already passed in a blink of an eye.

Yang Tiezhu, who had been watching his wife embroider on the purse for a while, felt his neck sore. And reckoned his wife’s neck also must be sore. Furthermore, at night the lamp in the room wasn’t also that bright and would strain eyes a lot. As such, he persuaded Lin Qingwan to resume the work tomorrow. 

Lin Qingwan rotated her stiff neck, put the embroidery purse in her hand down, and stored them away before going to bed. 

Even while lying on the kang, her mind was still mulling over the intricate patterns and particulars she wanted to include in the embroidery design.  

The next morning, Lin Qingwan went to the kitchen and brought her’s and Yang Tiezhu’s breakfast into the room. 

The day Yang Tiezhu was discharged from the medical center, Yang laoyezi had given her word that henceforth she didn’t have to do any house chores and only had to take care of Yang Tiezhu properly. As such, currently, Lin Qingwan need not do any house chores and only have to take care of Yang Tiezhu – cook nourishing meals for him and wash both of their clothes. 

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  1. Yes I figured she had permission to only care for her poor hubby. I hope there is reunion with her beloved brother in the future

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