The Prestigious Family’s Young Miss and The Farmer – Chapter 51 Part 1

Chapter 51 Separation (iI) pART 1

 Lin Qingwan and Yang-shi were smart enough; they carefully came up with after a long discussion. Yang-shi didn’t even have to mention the next step to her as Lin Qingwan was naturally aware of what to do next. 

This time for He-shi to truly intend of sweeping these two children out of the family, she has gone too far. She will surely that He Xiuzhu terribly regret her actions! 

Once Yang-shi got the gist of the situation, she dashed out of Yang jia swiftly. 

As a matter of fact, there wasn’t much of great animosity between Yang-shi and He-shi. It’s just that back then, because of certain matters, she had said some words to He-shi a handful of times. He-shi had kept those words in her mind all this while, harboring animosity to this date.  

As for, speaking of the grudges between Yang-shi and He-shi, it all began long back ago ——

At that time, Yang jia hadn’t separated yet, and Yang laoyezi and his younger brother, Yang He, were still living together. During those days, Yang jia’s financial situation wasn’t faring well. Their mother had departed prematurely, leaving only their father, Yang-shi and her two younger brothers. Due to the lack of women at home, young Yang-shi was busy taking care of her two younger brothers. And this practice of Yang-shi hadn’t changed even after she married out.  

老爷子 (lǎoyézi): polite appellation for an elderly male

Yang-shi didn’t marry far; her matrimonial house was nearby in Luoxia village itself. The groom was a poor refugee from a famine-stricken region. Although he was poor, he was a strong and honest man. At that time, Yang-shi’s marriage had already been delayed by the family for quite a long time. She was nearing her 20s, yet she wasn’t engaged to anyone. 

An old aunt from the neighboring family, who couldn’t stand by idly and watch, helped her introduce the man. The two of them didn’t even have a matchmaker. After getting Yang laoyezi’s consent, the two got married.  

Although life after marriage was a little hard, she didn’t have a mother-in-law above her to dominate her. Thus Yang-shi’s life was not too bad and was relaxed. The couple didn’t have any land. But with the virtue of their diligence and hard work, they meticulously cultivated a few mu of desolate land and were able to make a meager living.  

亩 (mǔ): classifier for fields/unit of area equal to one-fifteenth of a hectare

Post-marriage, despite being busy managing her household, Yang-shi would, from time to time, go to Yang jia to help with a few things. 

This continued till Yang-shi’s first younger brother, Yang jia’s eldest son, married a wife. Only then Yang-shi was able to take a breather and be a bit relaxed. 

There wasn’t any elderly woman in Yang jia. Thus, Yang-shi would every now and then drop by her natal home to teach He-shi, this new sister-in-law, how to handle household affairs. After all, it might be a bit hard for a young maiden to become a wife with no mother-in-law to teach her. Lack of guidance could possibly put her into a flurry.  

At that time, although He-shi wasn’t as outrageous as she is now, nevertheless, she was also not without a few shortcomings. And, it didn’t take long for Yang-shi to find them….

For instance, she wasn’t quite filial towards Yang laoyezi’s father. On the surface, there wasn’t much to nit-pick. But behind their back, she used to often cook good food for Yang laoyezi alone. Similarly, all the good things at home were first given to Yang laoyezi, while treating the other two superficially, and wasn’t quite good to Yang laoyezi’s younger brother, Yang He as well. 

Yang-shi was a married woman, and it wouldn’t be appropriate to tell her off openly, leaving her with no choice but to strike secretly. For a while, after being told off, He-shi was honest. But not long after, she began reverting to her old self.    

Although Yang-shi found her first younger brother’s wife to be quite annoying and improper in handling matters, they still had to live through their lives. Marrying into a poor household wasn’t easy, and moreover, He-shi had completely beguiled her first younger brother in her favor, forcing Yang-shi to turn a blind eye to her actions. Soon after, Yang-shi’s second younger brother also got married. 

With the daughters-in-law in the house increasing to two, there would surely be few disputes and frictions among them. The family’s situation in itself is not quite good, and over and above that, He-shi, as petty-minded as she was, even engaged in mischief behind the scenes, causing trouble left and right. 

It would be hard for three men to say anything to her. Thus, as the eldest sister in the family, Yang-shi stepped in to speak. 

In the presence of the entire family, Yang-shi admonished He-shi, the main perpetrator behind the trouble. He-shi, relying on her status as the eldest sao, suppressed her dimei from raising a word and had all the things first go into the eldest branch. At that time, Yang jia wasn’t split up, yet she had all the things move into their own room. Moreover, Yang He’s wife, Li-shi, was also not a benevolent one. She was the kind of woman who would return multiple folds more if bullied by someone. She would surely stand up and strike back for hoarding all the stuff as the first branch wasn’t the only one in the family.

嫂 (sǎo): older brother’s wife / sister-in-law

弟妹 (Dìmèi): younger brother’s wife

He-shi was criticized by Yang-shi in front of everyone. Although she didn’t utter a word, she felt Yang-shi had humiliated her, causing her to lose her face in the family; thereby marking Yang-shi with deep hatred in her heart.

Since young, He-shi was never the person who could be coerced. Yang-shi thought after this episode, He-shi would curb a little restraint. On the surface, He-shi indeed seemed to have exercised some restraint, but her means did lessen even a bit behind their backs. However, Yang He’s wife wasn’t someone who would suffer a loss. During this time, the family was in chaos every single day, and Yang-shi had to come every time as a peacemaker…..

These sorts of days lasted till Yang-shi’s father died from an illness. Not long after, the two families split into two. 

After the separation, Yang-shi’s second younger brother, Yang He, seldom had any interactions with the eldest branch. Usually, if there aren’t any happy occasions among the two families, they would hardly step into one another’s family’s gates….

Yang-shi had wrung her hands in lament on more than one occasion, sighing that they had made a mistake in choosing her first younger brother’s wife.  

As the old saying goes, marrying a worthy husband would bring less disaster to a wife. Similarly, marrying a virtuous wife would bring prosperity to the next three generations of the family, while marrying a dishonorable wife would invite disaster for the next three generations.  

And this saying was indeed not wrong. Look at what sort of disaster He-shi had brought to Yang jia’s second generation! 

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Chapter 51 Part 2 (Teaser)

After everyone was seated, Clan Elder Yang scrutinized He-shi for a good while before shaking his head in lament.  

But as an elder demeaning a woman would be unpleasant. Thus, he simply spoke about the matter he was aware of regarding the incident before directing spearhead at Yang laoyezi as he condemningly questioned him if he really wanted to throw Yang Tiezhu and his wife out of the family.

Upon hearing this, Yang laoyezi’s face flushed with anger and embarrassment, “I, I didn’t mean this, this was entirely my family’s vile wife’s intention….”

Speaking till here, he didn’t have any face to utter a word after.  

After all, he didn’t stop her either, did he? 

—The next chapter would be released tomorrow

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