The Prestigious Family’s Young Miss and The Farmer – Chapter 53 Part 2

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Chapter 53 Post-Separation Part 2

After the separation that day, there weren’t any big movements from the main room. He-shi also didn’t come to their door to cause any further trouble. Lin Qingwan and Yao-shi let out a sigh of relief.  

Lin Qingwan had even prepared herself in advance, thinking that He-shi would surely be unhappy and come to cause trouble. But He-shi didn’t do anything. Even when they ran across each other in the yard, He-shi regarded them as if they were invisible. Just that her sword like sharp mouth was pursed even tighter, and her eyes were filled with hatred all the more. But she somehow restrained herself from making trouble for the second and third branches…. 

He-shi seemed to have heard the Clan Elder’s words in the courtyard the other day. So, as it turns out, He-shi, too, had something she dreaded – being expelled out of the clan.  

Among He-shi’s natal family, only her elder brother was left. 

Her elder brother’s sons were all married, settled, and lived jointly together. The circumstances in their house weren’t too good. There were so many people but had only a few rooms to accommodate them, making it impossible for even an additional person to fit in. If He-shi were to be divorced and sent back to her natal house, she would surely be kicked out from there as well. Thus, at the moment, He-shi had no choice but to restrain her temper from going to the second and third branches’ room and creating trouble. 

The Yang jia seemed to be no different than formerly i.e. of course, if you ignore the desolateness and cheerlessness in the courtyard. Usually, even if they ran across the people from the main room, no words were exchanged. And after two days, two big locks appeared on the kitchen and firewood storage room doors.

Seeing this, the people from the second and third branches could only smile helplessly. 

During separation, the firewood wasn’t divided by the family. From He-shi’s actions, she doesn’t seem to entertain any thoughts of giving them any firewood to use, even when all of that firewood sitting in the storage room was chopped back by Yang Tiezhu and Yang Tiegen. 

Yang Tiezhu wasn’t capable of going outside. Yang Tiegen alone trekked into the mountains to chop firewood with a basket behind his back.  

Day by day, the weather was getting colder and colder. If the firewood isn’t prepared by even now, death from the severe cold spell would only be awaiting them. 

When Yang Tiegen had gone out to chop the firewood, Yao-shi spent her time in the second branch, doing embroidery work with Lin Qingwan. 

Because there wasn’t much firewood left with them, they only heated the kang in the second branch’s room during the daytime for the past few days. The third branch’s entire family also stayed in the second branch’s room.  

Yang Tiezhu was forced to lay on the kang by Lin Qingwan to recuperate his wounds properly, while Lin Qingwan was bored to death by herself in the room. There wasn’t anything to do in the pastime as well. But during these past few days, the room was bustling with the addition of more people.  

Ever since the separation, Yao-shi had been even more diligent in needlework. During her leisure time, she would try to do a bit of needlework whenever possible. 

Lin Qingwan was aware that Yao-shi lacked silver at the moment. Thus she, too, didn’t say anything other than reminding her from time to time to give her eyes rest after doing needle for a considerable amount of time. 

As for Lin Qingwan, Yang Tiezhu prohibited her from doing embroidery because of her pregnancy. As such, like Yang Tiezhu, she too could only spend her time on the kang, nestled under the quilts, while chitchatting with either Yao-shi or the two little girls. In this manner, the days ticked by soon. 

Seeing Yao-shi’s diligence in embroidering, Lin Qingwan, with lots of time at her expense and prohibited from touching embroidery, guided Yao-shi from the side.

After a couple of days, Yao-shi’s crafts improved gradually. And this time, when she went to hand over her work, she could even bring back a few embroidery purses with blank spaces. In the future, she intended to take over this work once she gained the ability to smoothly embroider designs on these purses, rather than making embroidery purses for low income.  

After chopping down firewood sufficient for the two families to get by the frosty winter till next year, without getting frozen, Yang Tiegen packed up and set off to the town to look for odd jobs.

Although Yao-shi felt distressed for her husband, she knew that currently, they were short of both silver and food and had to rely on the second branch till the next year’s fall harvest. 

Post Yang Tiegen’s departure, the rest of the third branch’s members stayed with the second branch’s couple every day. 

On the day of the separation, Yang Tiezhu accidentally tore open his wound. As a result, Lin Qingwan, apart from the times when he had to relieve himself, strictly prohibited him from taking even a step away from the kang. Thus, Yang Tizhu could only amuse himself by watching his snuggled-up wife on the kang chatting with third dimei and the two little girls.   

弟妹 (dìmèi): younger sibling / younger brother’s wife

Of course, if he was on his best behavior, his wife would give him a good look and, at times, even personally feed him with few snacks.  

As easily satisfiable as he was, Yang Tiezhu could be jubilant for the entire morning with just one good look from his wife. Nevertheless, Lin Qingwan still made sure to coax him from time to time. 

In such fashion, days flew one after the other, and Lin Qingwan was raised like a pig every day. 

Because of Lin Qingwan’s pregnancy, Yao-shi seldomly let her do any work. Besides, these days, the only house chores they had to do were cooking and washing laundry. Yao-shi could manage both of these chores quickly and effortlessly. Lin Qingwan, too, didn’t fight over these trivial works with her.  

As for the people in the main room, they were under the assumption that since both the second and third branches weren’t provided with any food, they would soon starve and freeze to death. 

But contrary to assumptions, there weren’t any indications of suffering from hunger or cold. Within a few days, Yang Tiegen chopped the firewood and brought them. And furthermore, every few days, the aroma of stewed meat would come from the second branch’s side. Occasionally, they would even encounter Lin Qingwan, Yao-shi, or the two girls in the yard. From their appearances, Wang-shi could make that they had fattened up considerably, and their complexions are a lot better – a far cry from their former selves. Realizing this, Wang-shi couldn’t help but gnash her teeth in rage. 

She didn’t have to ponder deeply before coming to the conclusion that Yang-shi must be surely assisting the two families!

Currently, Wang-shi’s days were quite hard, making her terribly regret inciting He-shi to separate the second branch out of the family that day. 

If the second branch wasn’t separated, the third branch wouldn’t have had the guts to make a ruckus to get separated as well, and her life, too, wouldn’t be this hard now.

The food in the Yang jia was also becoming scarce. Furthermore, because of the distribution of the fields to the second and the third branches, the food in the house was even more tightly controlled by He-shi. 

Formerly, there used to be at least steamed bread or pancakes along with the thin gruel, but now it was only gruel. Even a bit of pancake wasn’t given to cushion the stomach.  

All the three daughters-in-law would do house chores on a rotational basis back then. But now that both second and third branches had separated, the entire housework fell on her alone. 

He-shi, who had been on edge these days for unable to make trouble for those two families, looked for more and more ways to vent on her with no other choice. Tormented, Wang-shi had a lot to grumble about but didn’t have the guts to raise this to He-shi. Because, in the past, when she made a fuss by He-shi, she was severely reprimanded for being sh*t-stirrer and instigating her to separate the second branch out. There was no one to support her. Yang Tiezhuan wasn’t at home all day long. Previously, Yang laoyezi would at least speak a few words in her favor, but now he doesn’t even bother helping her.  

Wang-shi could only reap what she had sown by working like an ox and horse every single day. She didn’t dare to utter even a single word of resistance. As a result, it didn’t take long for her to lose a significant amount of weight. 

Lin Qingwan was well aware of Wang-shi’s tragic days. Even with her toe, she could have foreseen such an outcome if it were her. Only a moron like Wang-shi would think that the entire family would be in her control once the people were thrown out. 

Wang-shi seemed to have forgotten that there was still a mother tiger sitting above her – He-shi. 

Unless the eldest branch also splits up, Wang-shi would be unable to extricate herself from He-shi’s dominance for the rest of her lifetime.

However, would the eldest branch would be willing to separate? Obviously unwilling, and also utterly impossible. 

Solely based on how lazy the eldest branch’s husband and wife were, with just these two and even tagged along by additional four kids, it is highly possible for them to die of starvation soon after they step out. Let alone, being eldest branch means they are the eldest child in the family. Since ancient times, parents have always been with the eldest son even after the separation. 

As such, Wang-shi’s life was destined to be miserable from here on. And for her, Lin Qingwan didn’t even have a shred of sympathy. 

This kind of person could only be suppressed by He-shi; just leave it to a dog eat to eat another dog.

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Chapter 53 Part 3 (Teaser)

The sensation of the frigid chillness on her cheek and the passage of cold, humid air into her lungs unconsciously sent her down memory lane of past life….  

Lin Qingwan was a far cry from the children blessed with good fortune in her previous life. As a little girl, she was discarded on the street by her family, turning her into a street urchin.  

At that time, she was very young, but she had no recollection of exactly what her age was. Because she had little to no remembrance of the events before that. In the earliest memory she could recall, she was already a little beggar, drifting along with a group of street-urchins, covered in filth from top to bottom, looking for food all around…..

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