The Prestigious Family’s Young Miss and The Farmer – Chapter 58 Part 2

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Chapter 58: Without a hitch Part 2

Earning more than 200 copper coins made Yao-shi and Yang Tiegen very excited. When Yang Tiegen went to the town for labor work, he would earn 40 wen a day. Although the amount they got today wasn’t anything astronomical, it was nevertheless equivalent to Yang Tiegen’s 7-8 days of wages. Not to mention, he doesn’t get such odd jobs every day. 

Both the husband and wife from the third branch were very excited. Based on the quantities of Laweixian they had delivered, approximately 10 jin of Laweixian were sold in Man Fu House every day. That is to say, they could earn more than 30 wen a day, and a silver tael in a month. 

The two suddenly felt that their future wasn’t hopeless anymore. In the beginning, when Yang laoyezi demanded a dan of grains along with the monetary support of a few silver taels, even though Yang Tiegen gritted his teeth and agreed. However, inwardly he had been anxiously mulling how to make silver. After all, each family was only given two mu of land. After paying taxes and giving one dan to Yang Laoyezi, not many grains would be leftover. 

老爷子 (lǎoyézi): polite appellation for an elderly male

石 (dàn): dry measure for grains

亩 (mǔ): classifier for fields/unit of area equal to one-fifteenth of a hectare

Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long for them to find a means to earn money. Naturally, the third branch’s husband and wife knew that their second brother and sao’s intention was to lend them a hand. However, he also took Lin Qingwan’s words to heart: You have to put effort into work to get rewards proportionally. Only then would you have a clear conscience.  

Yes, now he truly had a clear conscience without having any qualms. He wasn’t sure why, but the former uneasiness he used to have while sharing meals with the second branch now had completely disappeared. Was it because now he could make money from his own hard work? 

Naturally, Lin Qingwan also perceived the married couple’s feelings. If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But, If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. It was always best to let people understand that you would always get rewarded proportionally for the amount of effort you have put in. Charity was never her thing. Because, for one, it would make people grow dependent on them. And second, they would habitually begin to expect things from you. If you suddenly stopped helping them one day, they would begin to hate you. 

Similar was the case with Yang Tiezhu’s help to his family. He always exhausted his energy to assist his family, but in fact, it was nothing more than raising a bunch of vermin.  

Yang Tiezhu had always been in favor of his wife’s manner of dealing with matters. But only at this moment when he saw excitement and joy in his third brother and his wife’s face as they gleamed with radiance did he come to truly understand. 

Glancing at his smiling wife, resembling a blooming flower, he suddenly felt – marrying such a wife, he couldn’t ask for more. 

After a few more batches of deliveries to Man Fu House, Lin Qingwan reckoned by now other restaurants must also have gotten wind of it. Thus she decided to make a trip to the town.  

Although Yang Tiegen could perfectly handle this matter. However, Lin Qingwan feared Yang Tiezhu’s taciturn personality might delay the business. Thus she personally wanted to visit Zui Xian Restaurant. 

Stepping once again into Zui Xian Restaurant made Lin Qingwan feel complicated. Her nervousness when she first came here was still fresh in her memory. But this time, she was calm and cool as a cucumber.

After all, although she can’t say Laweixian was on fire and a best-seller, it still caused a stir in Man Fu House and earned a little name for itself. Lin Qingwan reckoned their restaurants would closely follow the new dishes in the opposite party’s menu regularly. Thus, this time she had a feeling that the matter was sure to succeed.  

A waiter came to greet them.

Lin Qingwan directly got the point, “I am the supplier of Laweixian. I wonder if you are in need of such a dish in your noble restaurant. If you are in need of one, I will trouble you to invite your restaurant manager.”

When that waiter heard her, he was left stunned for a moment. Why was he dumbfounded, you ask? Because he wasn’t unfamiliar with the term Laweixian at all! For some reason, many patrons have been asking for this dish for the past few days. But he had never heard of this dish before. Later, when he reported it to the manager, he said that Ma Fu House had the same dish as a side dish with alcohol. Apparently, it has been selling quite well. 

The waiter quickly escorted them to an empty table to have a seat before reporting it to the manager. As it was still early in the morning, the restaurant was very calm, with no patrons in sight.  

Seeing that the waiter’s attitude was completely opposite from the previous time, Lin Qingwan let out a sigh of relief. 

Not long after, a chubby middle-aged man, seemingly the restaurant’s manager, came out with the waiter in his tow.  

Lin Qingwan greeted the manager without engaging in any superfluous words. And directly stated that she was the supplier of Laweixian. Further, she asked if their restaurant was in need of such a dish. She also took out a ‘sample’ she had brought and presented it to the manager. Few slices of Laweixian were arranged in a coarse porcelain bowl.

Muttering to himself, the manager had the waiter bring a pair of chopsticks. Picking a slice, he put it in his mouth and tasted it. 

Because of customer’s frequent requests for Laweixian, Zui Xian Restuarant’s manager had a person bring this dish to him and had a taste. Thus as soon as he put it in his mouth, he was sure that this was a genuine Laweixian. 

Zui Xian Restuarant’s manager was also a frank and straightforward person. Without speaking any drivel, he directly asked for how much was she willing to sell it. Lin Qingwan repeated the same words she had said to Manager Li of Man Fu House. After a moment of thought, the manager asked for twenty jin to test how it goes. 

As Lin Qingwan hadn’t brought them today, she agreed to have them delivered the next morning. After introducing Yang Tiegen, she asked the manager to contact him in the future for any delivery-related matters, as it would be inconvenient for her to come out frequently. 

The manager of Zui Xia Restaurant personally sent the two out. 

Lin Qingwan and Yang Tiegen exited the restaurant’s premises in jubilant moods. 

With her morale reaching an all-time high, Lin Qingwan happily ran to another restaurant. 

Though Fu Yuan Restaurant was comparatively smaller than Man Fu House and Zui Xian Restaurant, its traffic flow wasn’t bad. After going in, the subsequent process, unexpectedly, went smoothly without any hitch. Though not as much as Zui Xian Restaurant, the manager of Fu Yuan Restaurant too ordered about 10 jin. After ensuring that the goods would be delivered by the next morning, Yang Tiegen and Lin Qingwan took their leave. 

Lin Qingwan didn’t intend to go to any other restaurants. Luoyun town was but a small town. Apart from two or three restaurants, the foot traffic in the rest of the restaurants wasn’t much. It is unlikely for any patrons there to spend more than ten wen on side dishes alongside alcohol.

She went to the market again, bought some vegetables, meat, and the like before going back home with Yang Tiegen on an ox cart.  

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