The Prestigious Family’s Young Miss and The Farmer – Chapter 59 Part 1

Chapter 59 Wicked He-shi, Bitter Disappointment Part 1

Matchmaker Ma made a trip to the Yang jia and notified He-shi that Feng Xuicai’s side had consented to this marriage. If this side, too, didn’t have any objection, she would proceed to the next steps.  

秀才 (xiùcai): a person who has passed the county-level imperial exam

After the matchmaker Ma left, He-shi fell into deep thoughts. Day by day, the food at home was dwindling. And now there’s still the fourth child’s upcoming marriage. She wishes to have the two get married soon after the new year. And currently, there’s only one month left before the new year. They were undoubtedly running short of time. If she gets too impatient, the bride’s side would definitely not agree.   

There were too many places where she had spent money, but He-shi was seriously strapped for cash. It was inevitable for her mind to drift towards laoer’s laosan’s branches in such circumstances. As for laoda’s branch, it would be good if they didn’t run to them to ask for silver in return.  

老二 (lao er): second-eldest child in a family

老三 (lao san): third-eldest child in a family

老大 (lao da): eldest child in a family

However, Clan Elder Yang’s words were still fresh in her memories. He-shi certainly didn’t have the guts to stir up trouble again. Thus she could only come up with some excuse. 

He-shi recalled the support the second and third branches have to provide to them, the old couple, every year. At that time, Clan Elder Yang had stated that the providence of the support would begin for the following year. But He-shi felt if she could lament her sufferings, she would be able to get hold of the support money in advance. 

He-shi had already come up with the sort of words she should express to laoer and laosan. This time she would surely not ruthlessly create a fuss. If she made a big fuss, and Yang-shi disclosed the matter to Clan Elder Yang, it wouldn’t be good for her. Instead, she would tearfully implore them. For Yang Xuezhang’s face, He-shi planned to throw her face this time. She didn’t believe that even when she beseeched them with tears, they would still be ruthless and cold to ignore her. Later, even if Clan Elder Yang gets wind of it, there wouldn’t be anything for her to fear. For, the family was in too dire straits. Thus, she only asked her sons to give her the support in advance, nothing excessive. Even if others find it out, they would not be able to say she was being unreasonable. 

Have to say, He-shi was quite smart and had the mind to adapt to the situation and change accordingly. But he-shi didn’t consider that her two sons were milked dry cleanly at the time of separation. They weren’t even provided with food grains. Not even half a month had passed since separation. From where would the two branches get the silver and a dan of grains?  

After thinking so, He-shi went to her old man and expressed her idea to him. After hearing He-shi’s words, Yang laoyezi didn’t say anything. Perhaps he had given up and stopped bothering, considering the situation hopeless. Perhaps he also dreaded the possibility of He-shi quarreling with him. Whatever the case might be, he maintained silence without making any remarks. 

老爷子 (lǎoyézi):  polite appellation for an elderly male

Glancing at her old man with a pleasing smile, He-shi intended to look for laoer and laosan. It had be better if laoer’s wife didn’t show up.

Only now did He-shi realise that laoer’s wife wasn’t easy to deal with. Even the honest and well-behaved laosan and his wife were imperceptibly influenced by her and demanded separation. She also hoped that laosan’s wife would also not come. Ever since Yao-shi was stimulated and behaved frantically, He-shi had been scared out of wits. So much so that she even had  nightmares in which Yao-shi hanged herself and kept calling for her to come to her. 

But could He-shi’s wish be fulfilled?

At least her wish of Lin Qingwan and Yao-shi not showing up is absolutely impossible. Yang Tiezhu was someone who followed Lin Qingwan word to word. Under Lin Qingwan’s guidance, Yao-shi’s and Yang Tiegen’s relation become closer. The current scenario was where both the men hated being unable to have their wives in the cup of their hands. 

Especially during this time after separation from the family, there was no one to suppress Yang Tiegen any longer. He even helped the second sao in her business and earned a lot of dividends from it. Furthermore, this while he also had dealings with the restaurant managers and waiters, increasing his breadth of mind, vision, and way of thinking drastically.  

In the past, Yang Tiegen only secretly felt distressed for Yao-shi in his heart. But now there is no one to control him, and he doesn’t have to fear anyone. Many times Lin Qingwan saw a honey-like sweet-filled exchange between the two. Yao-shi also no longer looks miserable, and the smile on her face has increased more and more. 

He-shi notified laoer and laosan’s two branches to come to the main room in the evening, for she had something to tell them. But she only notified laosan personally and had him let Yang Tiezhu and Lin Qingwan know. Perhaps Yang Tiezhu’s furious act of kicking the stool away had terribly frightened her, not daring to personally go to the second branch’s door. 

Lin Qingwan’s face sank as soon as she heard Yao-shi’s words. When she heard Yao’s words. Sitting there, she thought for a long while but couldn’t identify any reasons for He-shi’s notification for them. 

Recalling the matchmaker she saw last time, she couldn’t help but think: Could it be that she was short of money and wanted them to lend it to her? But, how could that be possible? This He-shi’s thinking is too optimistic, isn’t it?!

However, Lin Qingwan didn’t mull over it for long. If she wanted to know why He-shi was looking for them, she would anyhow know it when they would meet at night. 

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