The Prestigious Family’s Young Miss and The Farmer – Chapter 59 Part 2

Chapter 59 Wicked He-shi, Bitter Disappointment Part 2

After dinner, Lin Qingwan, Yang Tiezhu, and a couple from the third branch’s couple went to the main room in the evening. When they stepped in, they realized that there was no one else in the room other than the old couple sitting on the kang. 

He-shi was seated on the kang with a stiff face. Actually, she, too, wanted to have a smile. But it proved difficult for her to put a smile in front of these people. It seems her face wasn’t that thick. 

“Have a seat.”

He-shi’s rare instance of goodwill dumbfounded Lin Qingwan. All of them took a stool and sat a bit far away from the kang. 

After they took their seats, the atmosphere in the room became extremely stifling. 

The few people sitting below remained silent, waiting for He-shi to make trouble. While He-shi was in a dilemma about how to begin speaking. 

After a while, He-shi opened her mouth, her attitude good and her tone exceptionally serene. Her attitude made everyone, who were used to He-shi’s usual sharp tone and words, as she stamped with rage, cursing everyone, while eccentrically taunting them, feel extremely unaccustomed. 

“I asked you all to come here tonight because there is something that I wanted to say to you. Your younger brother, laosi, got a marriage match. And the bride’s side is…..” He-shi prattled about the happenings in the next moments while they remained silent without interrupting her. They slowly listened to her as she described the bride’s family’s situation based on the matchmaker’s words. 

老四 (laosi): fourth child in the family. 

But what does this have to do with them? Could it be that she had called them today to let them know that laosi was getting married? 

In any case, Lin Qingwan had a feeling that this matter wasn’t simple. 

Sure enough, after finishing saying so, He-shi cut to the chase and straightforwardly said the main point. 

“You two branches must also be aware of the situation at home. Now laosi is about to get married, but there is no silver at home, and the grains aren’t also much. I had discussed this with your father. If you two branches could provide next year’s support in advance, we could get past this crisis….”

So actually, it turns out that she had called them for this matter? 

All this while, Yang laoyezi remained silent at the side while smoking his tobacco, with his face turned sidewards. The curls of tobacco smoke blurred his face, making it unable to distinguish if he was happy or furious. But since he didn’t utter a word, it seems as if he wasn’t against He-shi’s approach. 

He-shi’s unusual calmness, Yang laoyezi’s silence, coupled with the extreme stiffness in the room, begat a sense of absurdity within them. So much that a question popped up in their hearts – were they of the same family?

Unfortunately, no one could answer this question. 

Lin Qingwan also didn’t know what to say; He-shi’s atypical good attitude without any bawling, noise, and unreasonably made Lin Qingwan didn’t know what to say. 

However, no matter how they tried to camouflage it, they couldn’t conceal the fact that hidden under He-shi’s calmness and Yang laoyezi’s silence was nothing but pure selfishness.  

Perchance, have these two forgotten that they have separated a few days ago and weren’t even given any grains? It has been only less than a month since the separation. If they didn’t have a bit of saving with them, wouldn’t they have been hounded to death by the selfishness of the two?  

If she didn’t have the silver she got in exchange for the embroidery and income from selling Laweixian, at the moment, they wouldn’t even have a single penny left on them, with no food left. In that scenario, she couldn’t help but wonder if Yang laoyezi and He-shi would still be indifferent as they all faced such a perilous situation?

This, He-shi’s words, doesn’t seem to be pleading or that of questioning; rather their actions clearly seem to be affirmative.

The few people seated below also clearly understood this, silencing all of them. Fury or joy couldn’t be detected from Yang Tiezhu’s face, while Yang Tiegen seemed to be enshrouded with complicated emotions; it was hard to say if it was mockery or anguish. 

Lin Qingwan felt it couldn’t be a mockery. After all, Yang Tiegen had always been simple and honest; this sort of expression shouldn’t appear on his face.  

Yao-shi, who had always maintained silence, spoke up. 

During this while, spanning less than a month, although short, Yao-shi had never felt more peaceful than this. There was no one to suppress or mock her, ridicule her as a hen who couldn’t lay eggs. There was no one to point her nose every single day and criticize her for squandering food. Yao-shi felt as if she had returned to the time before she got married. Her mind, which had always been rigid, seemed to have eased a lot and became nimble. At the least, now Yao-shi could also perceive that hidden under He-shi’s kind attitude were selfishness and callousness.  

“Father, mother, has anyone said to you that you are very callous?” Yao-shi sarcastically ridiculed them with a bitter smile, “Daughter-in-law had erred. You are not callous. Your callousness is only toward my third branch and the second branch!”

Upon listening to Yao-shi’s words, He-shi froze. Even Yang laoyezi couldn’t remain tranquil any longer as his hands began to tremble. But he still didn’t turn his face towards this side. Perhaps, in his heart, ever since his two sons began to betray him,  he had given up on them.

Yes, that’s precisely right! 


Deep in his heart, Yang laoyezi was beset by a sense of betrayal, anguishing him. Especially, Yang Tiegen and his wife’s actions had been a massive blow to him, unable to recover from it for a very, very long time.  

It’s just that he had never considered that in a phrase, benevolent father and filial son, the son can only be filial when the father is benevolent likewise. But, when a person is forced without a route of retreat, he can only do his everything to struggle out of it. 

Quite many people are like this— they only think about themselves and never care about others’ feelings. Just like Yang laoyezi, he felt a bit of guilt and remorse for Yang Tiezhu. After all, they were the ones who forced him to separate from the family. But when the always obedient and honest Yang Tiegen and his wife did as such, Yang laoyezi felt extremely hurt. 

But he had never taken note of others’ feelings. After feeling hurt and betrayed, why did he not take a moment and ask himself how he had treated others?

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  1. Evil people only feel their own hurt. The part of the brain that feels compassion doesn’t exist🤨

    Thanks for the chapter


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