The Prestigious Family’s Young Miss and The Farmer – Chapter 59 Part 3

Chapter 59 Wicked He-shi, Bitter Disappointment Part 3

Yao-shi, seeing neither Yang laoyezi nor He-shi reply, she continued, “We have separated. And during separation, we weren’t given even a bit of food grains. Do you even know how we managed to get through these days? Now you are saying the fourth younger brother is getting married, there is no food and silver at home, so ask us to give next year’s support in advance. Have you ever thought about us, from where we would get them? Do you wish for our entire family to die? “

In the beginning, Yao-shi’s voice was very stable, but as she spoke, she became agitated, especially when she uttered the last part, ‘family to die’. It ruthlessly ripped apart the calm faces of He-shi and Yang laoyezi. 

Even though He-shi was unable to react to Yao-shi’s words, she nevertheless continued to play out as she had initially prepared in her heart.

He-shi didn’t bawl, nor did she fly into a rage. She merely tugged her sleeves and wiped her tears with them. 

“I, too, don’t want to be as such. But there really isn’t any silver and food in the home. I don’t want much. I am merely asking you to give your next year’s support in advance. Anyway, new year is just around the corner, only a few days away. Moreover ….” He-shi paused for a moment, before resuming again, “Aren’t you two families leading considerably good days now? You even have meat every three to five days. As for us, do you know how long it has been since we had meat?…”

(T/N: Here, the new year is according to the Chinese calendar.  The first day of Chinese New Year begins on the new moon that appears between 21 January and 20 February.)

What sort of life the second and third branches were leading, He-shi was also aware of them to an extent. After all, every kitchen had a chimney. The entire yard was filled with the aroma whenever the family cooked the meat. How could He-shi not know the two branches weren’t leading difficult days? But He-shi never suspected the source where all the money came from. After all, she was acutely aware that standing behind them was wealthy Yang-shi.

Yang-shi had a rich son. Moreover, He-shi and everyone in the village were aware that  Yang-shi loved and felt distressed for Yang Tiezhu. Thus it would be unlikely for her to simply sit back while they go hungry. He-shi was also aware of this when she was forcing lao’er. Even if they didn’t have silver at the moment, isn’t Yang-shi standing behind them? 

A person like He-shi would never think about why someone would ask for money from another person, even if the other person was their gumu. And whether it would be appropriate or not.  

姑母 (gūmǔ): one’s father’s sister

In any case, according to her, if she believes it to be, then it had to certainly be feasible. 

He-shi’s favorite expression had always been—I, this old woman, did so and so and what not. However, today she didn’t say anything of that sort. Rather, she merely recounted the matters at home sorrowfully. Her attitude seemed to be unusually humble, but a trace of having-everything-in-her-grasp in her facial expression couldn’t be concealed. 

Why not show a bit more sorrow, struggling, or an expression that shows having a lot of difficulties? Why must she put on a humble attitude, possibly to the point of subservience, just to force them to do her bidding? 

Actually, no one wishes to be unfilial. Truly, a lot of times they are forced by others to become unfilial …. Force you to become speechless, compel you to be bitterly disappointed, force you to become cold-hearted until gradually your heart dies….

No matter how humble He-shi tried to be, they had been living with her for this long. How wouldn’t they be aware of her personality? 

But what can they possibly say? He-shi didn’t make a fuss, nor did she behave unreasonably. She just asked them, oh wait, not ask, just requested them to give in advance. Can they refute it?

Well, they surely can refuse. But then, no matter how they try to phrase it, they would be the unreasonable ones in the end. As their children, they can’t not provide for the elderly and look unfeelingly as they endure poverty and starve. Furthermore, the other person didn’t ask anything excessive. She simply asked to give in advance. If they refuse such a request, how would they be able to live in Luoxia village in the future? Wouldn’t they be criticized to death? 

Yang Tiegen couldn’t sit any longer. The more he listened, the more his heart hurt.   

Yang Tiezhu had come to understand his parents’ attitude long ago. Thus he had already become used to it, or perhaps it was that his heart had already died. But, the same was not the case with Yang Tiegen. Yang Tiegen had been extremely filial to his parents for many, many years. Perhaps in this while, he had indeed had a share of unfair treatment all these years. However, every single time, he ignored it. Every time his wife and daughter had suffered grievances, he tried to have his wife understand elderlies as much as possible, for a man of principle and integrity ought to have filial piety.  

But no matter how honest and filial the child was, he also can’t withstand the repeated blows and injuries. Especially injury of this sort caused by such clear and pure selfishness, so evident that it was apparent to the naked eye. 

Unable to bear it any longer, Yang Tiegen stood up. 

“You are truly my good parents!” Grief and indignation were evident in his voice. Saying so, he turned around and left the room. 

He-shi wanted to stop him, but Yao-shi’s words halted her movements. 

“You don’t have to worry. Even if our entire family has to sell houses and land, we will surely gather the money and give it to you!” Ruthlessly saying such words,  Yao-shi followed after him. 

Shaking her head, Lin Qingwan also stood up while helping Yang Tiezhu up. 

“Since you have such an intention, us juniors can only accept and can’t say we won’t give.” A flower-like smile blossomed on Lin Qingwan’s face,  but the expression on her face seemed to be satirical. “After all, you didn’t ask anything excessive; you simply asked us to give the next year’s support in advance. Don’t worry, even if it is by tearing apart our house or selling our land, we will surely get you the money.”

Yang Tiezhu expressionlessly said, “Let’s go.”

Soon after, he and Lin Qingwan turned around and walked out the door. From the beginning to the end, Yang Tiezhu never said a word to He-shi or Yang laoyezi.  

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  1. So aggravating that they still can’t say no. Well I hope they give the minimal amount possible and have them sign a receipt for proof😤

    Thanks for the chapter


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