The Prestigious Family’s Young Miss and The Farmer – Chapter 60 Part 1

Chapter 60 Childish Temper Part 1

Lin Qingwan wasn’t aware how Yang Tiegen thought it over or if he was persuaded by Yao-shi. She was only aware that his complexion was very normal when she saw him the next morning.  

Yang Tiegen and Yang Tiezhu, the two brothers, sat together and discussed how to gather the funds for elderly support. But from where would they get two dans of grains? 

石 (dàn): dry measure for grains

Families in the village usually store sufficient cereals and sell all the excess ones. Apart from any required foodstuff, it would be unlikely for them to have anything excess. But, if they go to the town to make a purchase, the price will be a lot higher. 

At the moment, Yang Tiegen had also saved quite a lot of silver. At present, the three restaurants—Man Fu House, Zui Xian Restaurant, and Fu Yuan Restaurant—demanded steady supply. On an average, the three restaurants ordered at least ten jin of Laweixian. Although it has only been less than half a month, Yang Tiegen had already earned about two taels of silver as dividends.   

斤 (jīn): the jin is a metric unit equal to exactly 500 grams

For Yang Tiegen, it used to take more than two months to earn two taels of silver in the past from various odd jobs. But now, he has earned that much within a month. Otherwise, Yao-shi wouldn’t have been unyielding in the main room. Only when there is silver, one’s back would be upright.

Mentioning the resolute words said by Yao-shi the previous day, the two women broke into a peal of laughter while chit-chatting as they sat at the corner of the kang.  

“Third dimei, you were so cool and unyielding when you said such words. From what I saw, both father and mother were subdued by you.”

弟妹 (dì mèi):younger brother’s wife

Yao-shi sat up straight and coughed with a smile, “I was annoyed by them. These two people never cared about the life and death of others, always being selfish, eliciting hatred from others.”

Lin Qingwan chuckled and happened to hear the two men over there discussing where to get the two dan grains. Thus she said, “Alright, don’t fret over it too much. We will go to eldest gumu’s place and request her to lend us a hand in finding a way. If there is no other way, we will just buy it with silver. “

Yao-shi also seconded, “I also share the same thought. Eldest gumu had quite friendly relations with the other villagers. For now, let’s see if any family had excess grains with them and exchange them with silver from those families. In any case, they would be much cheaper than buying from the town.”

Yang Tiezhu and Yang Tiegen exchanged a glance, finding this idea pretty good. 

Lin Qingwan and Yao-shi got up from the kang, intending to go to Yang-shi’s place. Since Lin Qingwan was sitting on the kang all this while, she was only wearing a thin-lined jacket. Seeing this, Yao-shi helped her get a thicker cotton-padded jacket and put it on. 

“Third dimei, don’t look after me as if I am a kid. I’ll be fine.” Seeing Yao-shi help her take out another jacket and help her put it on, Lin Qingwan couldn’t help but say aggrievedly.

“It’s a little colder outside today. I think it’s going to snow. It would be better if you dress warmer, don’t freeze yourself. You are pregnant now and should not drink excess medicine.”

When the two walked out of the room, the chilly breeze swept against them. The weather outside was indeed colder than the previous day. 

Reaching Yang-shi’s courtyard, Lin Qingwan stated her purpose of coming to Yang-shi. 

As soon as Yang-shi heard He-shi’s conduct and antics the other day, Yang-shi couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows.  

“What the… sigh…” Yang shi wanted to curse them, but she couldn’t say anything when she opened her mouth. 

Yes, what these kids thought was not wrong. They didn’t ask much, only asking to give in advance. As a junior, you can’t refuse. Other than cursing that they were selfish, there was nothing else they could say against them. 

But it’s precisely this selfishness that chills one’s heart!

After contemplating for a while, Yang-shi patted Lin Qingwan’s hand, “Alright, your eldest gumu will go and help you ask around. Many households store excess grains in the village. Even if we could manage to get a little from each household, it will be more or less enough.”

Lin Qingwan added, “Eldest gumu, in case someone asks, tell them you are helping us pay silver. When the moment comes, we will give you the silver.”

Yang-shi gave her a nod that said ‘I understand’. How could she not understand what these two kids meant? He-shi clearly knew how much silver they had, yet she created such a fuss. If she got to know the children had quite a bit of silver with them, god knows how much of a din she would make! 

However, it was also a fact that they had already separated. Even if she wants to make a fuss, she can’t do anything. 

Keeping what Lin Qingwan had said in her mind, Yang-shi got up, intending to go out. 

Lin Qingwan and Yao-shi also stood up and took their leave. 

Back at home, the thought of how to make more money occupied the greater past of Lin Qingwan’s thoughts. Although selling Laweixian was not bad, she could earn a teal or two a day on an average, minus the Yang-shi’s and third branch’s share.  

However, no one would dislike having more money in their hands, especially for Lin Qnigwan, who had attained good results merely after testing the water. Now it was inevitable for her to think of other means. 

Thus, during the past few days, she couldn’t help but ponder over this matter during her free time. 

After mulling it over for a considerable amount of time, Lin Qingwan felt it would be better to make another side dish that goes well with alcoholic drinks apart from Laweixian. After all, now she had the right connections and knew the way around. Not to mention, the side-dishes with wine in the modern era are diverse. And all of these are something only she can think of, something which no one else could.  

After deep contemplation, she concluded that salted peanuts would be a better option. 

Salted peanuts was a simple snack found in the market in the modern era in her previous life. Almost every night market stall had this snack, and it was one of her favorite dishes. Occasionally she would buy raw peanuts and boil them by herself. 

Moreover, peanuts are not something rare. Almost every household grows them. Not only that, the making of this dish is also quite easy, and doesn’t have lots of steps. They wouldn’t need a lot of time and effort. 

Thinking this, during lunch, Lin Qingwan asked Yang Tiegen to buy a few peanuts for her tomorrow, not much, just around 5-6 jin.

Upon hearing this Yang Tiegen nodded, thinking his second sao probably wanted to eat peanuts. Anyway, now they have earned quite a bit of silver from selling Laweixian. Thus, he, who felt distressed to spend money on food in the past, no longer felt so.

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