The Prestigious Family’s Young Miss and The Farmer – Chapter 60 Part 2

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Chapter 60 Childish Temper Part 2

The next day, after Yang Tiegen returned from the market, he handed the peanuts to his second sao, and then went to Yang-shi’s place along with his wife.  

Now every time they prepare Laweixian, Lin Qingwan usually doesn’t go there. Both Yang-shi and Yao-shi were familiar with the procedure, and she had also taught them how to add condiments. And now, even Yang Tiegen had joined the two, every day helping them from the side.

Currently, Yang Tiegen wasn’t doing odd jobs in the town anymore. Because, for one, there wasn’t sufficient time, and second, there was a lot of work at home. As Lin Qingwa was currently pregnant, everyone in the family was reluctant to have her work every day. Thus Yang Tiegen helps Yang-shi and Yao-shi in doing heavy work and other miscellaneous things. 

Five jin of peanuts wasn’t much, just a small basin enough. Lin Qingwan cleanly washed the peanuts before transferring them into clean water and adding salt in it, letting them soak in it.   

This while, Yang Tiezhu got up and allowed her to draw water. Now, Yang Tiezhu’s injury has almost healed. Apart from the bandage on his left shoulder restricting his movements, there weren’t any other issues. Thus, these days, whenever Lin Qingwan needed any help, he would help her as much as he could. 

Yang Tiezhu’s body was healthy and fit. Thus he recovered rather quickly. Lin Qingwan, seeing that he didn’t grimace in pain whenever slight pressure was exerted on his shoulder like before, didn’t try to stop him. Nonetheless, she didn’t allow him to do heavy work and go out in this cold weather. 

Anyways with the weather being so cold, Yang Tiezhu also doesn’t have much to do outside. Thus these days, rather than going out, he remained indoors while stepping in to help his wife whenever she was busy, unwilling to be left out.

After she was done soaking, the two of them nestled in the kang. Have to say, their lifestyle truly resembled that of the pigs raised in the pig farms. In rural areas, there was usually nothing to do in pastimes. And especially on such wintry days, apart from cuddling in the kang, there was nothing substantial to do. 

Not only has Yang Tiezhu put on weight, but even Lin Qingwan also had a feeling that she had become plumper. Caressing her tiny belly, she said with a dejected face, “I’ve put on weight; my tummy has become fatter.”

When Yang Tiezhu heard her, he stretched his big palm and caressed her belly, his movements extremely gentle. 

“You’re not fat, ah. Now that you are pregnant, naturally, your belly would be a bit bigger.”

Hearing this, Lin Qingwan glared at him for talking drivel with his eyes open. 

It had been only 2 months, and her bump was already showing out?! She had never heard anyone having a bump just after two months into pregnancy. Obviously, it was but a flab on her belly, alright? 

Seeing his wife pout, sadness welled up in Yang Tiegen’s heart. He quickly caressed her while comforting her: “Wife, I think it is better for you to eat more.” In order to prove the credibility of his thoughts, he nodded his head to strengthen his persuasion.

“Really?” It was an undeniable fact that a woman who thinks she had put on weight would be unusually sensitive.  

“Of course, it’s the truth! Look at how you were before, so thin as if you would be blown away just from a gust of wind.” As he recalled the former appearance, a look of dislike surfaced on Yang Tiezhu’s face. But that look lasted only for a fleeting moment before returning to look of fawning.  

“Look how good you are now, ah. Fair, white, soft, and plump. I like how plump you are.”

Hearing Yang Tiezhu say so, Lin Qingwan felt less disheartened. However, after a moment of thought, she felt something amiss. She narrowed her eyes, “You mean you disliked my former appearance?”

Yang Tiezhu froze for a moment before a smile appeared on his face, “How is that possible? I’m merely making an analogy. Wanwan is so good, looks very pretty, and has a good temperament. She is simply good in all aspects. I like Wanwan the most, I like every aspect of her.”

The emergence of Lin Qingwan’s childish temper every now and then had trained this fellow, Yang Tiezhu, during this while. Consequently, his ability to adapt based on the situation had increased over time and again—indeed though the color blue is extracted from an indigo plant, it is more vivid than the indigo plant itself. 

青出于蓝而胜于蓝 (qīng chū yú lán’ér shèng yú lán): lit. The colour blue is made out of indigo but is more vivid than indigo (idiom) / fig. the student surpasses the master.

But, but, where did her formerly simple and honest husband go? What He-shi had felt in her heart was indeed true – Lin Qingwan, this person, has too much imperceptible influence, so much that she unconsciously changed this simple and honest coarse man into a silly person but an amusing person who could transform into bootlicker at any given moment. 

On the one hand, Yang Tiezhu coaxed the abrupt mood swings of his wife that have arisen ever since the beginning of her pregnancy. While on the other hand, he couldn’t help but yell in his heart, “Pregnant women are truly hard to coax!”  

Lin Qingwan always said that ever since her gestation, there weren’t any apparent changes in her body; neither morning sickness nor any other troubles arose. But, actually, it wasn’t that she didn’t make any trouble, but it was simply that this trouble had transformed into this childish temper. She didn’t cause any trouble for others; rather she was merely fond of displaying her childish temper in front of her man. And later, when she was coaxed by her man, content and happiness filled her heart.  

Just like the present situation, after listening to her man, she began to feel her mood improving. She once again caressed her small belly. It seemed as if it wasn’t fleshy? Just a moment ago, she felt she had become chubby; it must have been her delusion! 

Yep, precisely so!

After being coaxed by her man, Lin Qingwan contently got up to tend to her salted peanuts. 

Actually, salted peanuts were quite easy to make. Wash them and soak them in saltwater for a while. And if you could make a small opening at the tip of the peanut’s husk, soaking them for a mere half an hour would suffice. When Lin Qingwan was cleaning the peanuts earlier, she cleaned them meticulously, so much that she even cleaned the mud in the seams of the husk. And while doing so, she even made a small hole at the tip of each peanut. 

Once the peanuts are soaked thoroughly, they have to be boiled. There wasn’t any need to add salt this time around. After adding the appropriate amount of water, she threw a few star anise in along with a few aromatic leaves. These aromatic leaves were bought by Lin Qingwan from a medical center. Aromatic leaves i.e., bay leaves, could be used after sun-drying. In the medical center, dried bay leaves are sold. But here, they are used in medicines, unlike Lin Qingwan, who used these in cooking meat and salted peanuts as a seasoning. 

Lin Qingwan once again expressed her gratitude to the heavens for giving her such a small gold finger to earn money. And at the same time, she couldn’t help but slightly detest the people of the Daxi dynasty for wasting natural resources recklessly; such good products were only used in medicines by them.  

But what the adorable Wanwan didn’t consider was that if others weren’t reckless in using natural resources, how would she be able to do business out of it!

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